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asphalt composition shinglesOne of the most important aspects to a durable structure is the roof! Many individuals lose sight at how important a having a dependable roof over your head can be. Roofing provides security from weather conditions, shelter and privacy. Choosing the best style and materials for your roofing may be a bit daunting for some but it must be done. Many individuals choose asphalt composition for its great durability, long-term track record, and many colors and design styles available.

There are several benefits of using asphalt shingles roofing like lifespan, wind uplift rating as well as the design. The technology that goes into creating these shingles is worth knowing before you decide on what is best.

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When choosing a new roof

houston texas asphalt composition shinglesDon’t be afraid to do some research on both of these materials available and compare them to your personal needs. This way you could get a better idea of the ideal roof for your home.

If you cannot decide which roofing materials you want to choose, take a while to come to a decision. Some helpful questions you may ask. What is the manufacturer’s warranted uplift rating? What is the manufacturer’s material warranty period for the shingle? Is it available with a non-prorated total system warranty?

One of the main reasons that asphalt shingles have become so popular is because they are extremely easy to install and they are pretty affordable. These shingles are normally made by covering a fiberglass mat with asphalt. There are other organic options as well if you aren’t into fiberglass at all. Composition roofing is better known as composite shingles and they are developed of many different materials which help to develop a more dependable and stronger shingle, and in the last decade, the technical advances in the manufacturing process have seen significant advances. Some of the most common materials used in composite shingles are laminate, slate, tar paper, fiberglass, and asphalt.

Warranties available

There are also some great warranties available from Manufacturers such as GAF /Elk. Their system plus warranty covers up to 50 years on residential structures, labor, and materials, and up to 40 years of coverage on commercial and multi-family buildings with the first 20 years non-prorated and the back 20 years prorated.

Houston asphalt composition shingles contractorIf you’re searching for a roofing material that is extremely sturdy and won’t need much maintenance in the future, I recommend that you choose the Architectural / Dimensional Style, composition roofing shingle. These shingles have a long life-span, and some of them have very long manufacturer’s material warranty periods and normal asphalt composition roofing single such as the three tab style may have a life cycle of anywhere from 10 years to 20 years.


One benefit to installing asphalt composition shingles is that this material is that some are available with the AR (Algae Resistant) formulation and will deter any algae growth. These shingles include copper granules and other technical advances that will keep algae from growing which is always a plus. One advantage to owning AR asphalt composition shingles is that they also include moss and algae inhibitors. These shingles may also be covered with a protecting layer to block the powerful UV rays from the sun.

I know that both options have their pros and cons but if you’re interested in making a long-term investment on your home, you should certainly go with the asphalt composition shingles that offer the best uplift rating, and the longest warranty. If you’re making a decision based on costs alone, I recommend that you go with the asphalt composition shingles for your home.

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