Short History of Houston, TX

John Kirby Allen and Augustus Chapman Allen, two real estate industrialists, bought 6,642 acres of land near the Buffalo Bayou. Their intention was to found a city and that is what they did. Houston is the fourth most populous city in the country and first most populous in Texas. Houston is located in southeast Texas close to the Gulf of Mexico. The land area of 600 square miles and a population of 2, 3 million residents makes Houston the seat of Harris County and the biggest city located in the Southern United States.  The story of Houston goes way back to 1836 when the city was founded near Allen’s Landing which was then called Buffalo Bayou. On 5th of June in 1837, Houston was incorporated as a city. It got its name after former General Sam Houston. Sam Houston lead and won the Battle of San Jacinto, which took place just about 25 miles east of where the Houston was first established. When oil was discovered back in 1901, just at the time the port was burgeoning as well as railroad industry are creditable for the population growth of Houston.  In just one decade, the population had doubled when in 1902 began project worth $1 million for improving Houston Ship Canal approved by President Theodore Roosevelt. By 1912, a population was near 100, 000 residents. In 1907 began the digging of the deep-water Port of Houston which was opened by President Woodrow Wilson in 1914. 15 years later Harris County became the county with most residents and Houston became a most populous city in Texas. During the World War II shipping activities came to halt and levels of tonnage at the Port were decreased. However, the city experienced economic benefits during that time. Defense industry during the war was in need of synthetic rubber and petroleum, so manufacturing plants and petrochemical refineries were built along the channel. Manpower was needed during that time and hat led many people to move to Houston with their families to work and live. All of that lead to the development of Houston we all know and love today.


Houston has a great geographical location. It is located 112 miles west of the border with Lousiana, 165 miles east of Austin, and 250 miles south of Dallas. Even though people usually have desert and high temperatures when they think about any part of Texas, that is not the case with Houston. Houston was built on the prairie, forested land, swamp, and marshes and has a temperate vegetation.There are four bayous passing through the Houston – Buffalo Bayou, White Oak Bayou, Brays Bayou, and Sims Bayou.

Business and economy

The city of Houston is recognized throughout the world because of its biomedical research, energy industry (especially natural gas and oil) and aeronautics. Another growing economy base in Houston today are the renewable energy resources, especially solar and wind power harvesting. The Houston Shipping Channel is playing a vital role in strengthening Houston’s economic power as well. Because of that, Globalization and World Cities Study Group designated Houston as a global city. In 2013, Houston surpassed New York City as the top United States export market.

Art and culture

Houston is a „colorful“ and diverse city Just like many cities in the American South. More than million people in the Houston metropolitan area are born outside of the United States. There are 86 consular offices located in Houston which makes it third city in the United States with the highest number of offices that are representing other countries. There are numerous and various annual events which depict and celebrate all that diversity in Houston area. Most known and longest running is the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, which is also largest rodeo and livestock show in the whole world. Other annual festivals worth the mentioning are Art Car Parade, Houston Greek Festival, Bayou City Art Festival, Houston International Festival and Houston Auto Show. These festivals are considered as top five art festivals held in the United States. Houston is also known as the „Bayou City,“ „Space City,“ „New Houston,“ „Magnolia City,“ „H-Town“, and „Clutch City.“ There is numerous museum located in the Houston’s Museum District and they attract around 7 million visitors annually. Some of them are Houston Museum of Natural Science, The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston Zoo, Station Museum of Contemporary Art, Holocaust Museum Houston, The Menil Collection, Byzantine Fresco Chapel Museum, Rothko Chapel and Contemporary Arts Museum Houston.

Houston and Space

The official nickname of Houston, TX is “Space City†which city received in 1967. For more than a half a century  Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center has led world and United States on the ongoing adventure of space exploration, achievement and discovery. NASA’s and JSC played the vital role at powering and pushing the United States into the 21st century by scientific discoveries and technological innovations. Space Center was established in 1961 to be Manned Spaceflight Center, Mission Control Center and home for the United States’ program for human space flight. It was later renamed to honor the late Texas native and president, Lyndon B. Johnson.

Some interesting facts about Houston

  • Houston area is so large that it could fit the cities of San Francisco, New York, and the Boston all at the same time.
  • Houston is bigger than entire Maryland state
  • At the center of Houston where Interstates 10 and 45 intersect is the almost exact spot where the Allen brothers settled when they were founding the Houston
  • After the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, Houston welcomed more than 150, 000 people who lost their home in New Orleans.

Additional information About Houston

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