We all like our roofs to be cleaned and clear. We also know that they cannot stay that way forever. With time roofing systems start to look older and need cleaning and proper maintenance.  Here are many tips on how to clean the shingles by yourself or you can also contact a professional roof.


There are many things and conditions that are causing the dirt on the shingles. Here are the main problems that affect the shingle surface.


Debris that fall off the tree is  probably the main problem that causes dirty surface on the roofing system. The most common debris are the leafs, branches, and sticks, acorns and pine straw. Debris falls from the roof, some of it gets blown, and the other can stay on the roofing surface.


Debris does look very bad on the roofing system. Everyone want that the roofing looks god, dirt is only a minus. Debris also causes roof damage and leaks. Leafs, sticks and debris can create damage due to blocking the rain falls from leaving the roof top, This way the water stays under the shingles and causes leaks and roof rooting. This way the water can penetrate into your house and cause interior damage in walls, floors, and sheetrock. Roofing systems need to be regularly maintained and cleaned by removing the debris from the surface.


You can clean it by hand because debris can be light and does not require a lot of equipment for removing it. You can easily do it with your hands. But maybe you will need to get on the roofing surface and you need to take care of the safety procedures because falling off the roof can result in many injuries even death. You can also clean it with a blower. This can easily remove all the leafs and sticks. With it, the removal is very easy. This method is preferred because does not require much bending over or getting dirty. A soft brush or broom are also good for cleaning. But when using it, remember not to use too much pressure because this way you can remove the protective granules from the roofing surface. Removing the granules you reduce the lifetime of the roof.


Many people have seen the black stains on the rooftops. The black stains, also known as the roof mold is dead algae that can be found on the top of the shingle. Black stains appear on the north side of the roofing systems because there are not enough sunlight and there remains more damp for a longer period of time. The algae cannot harm your roof very badly, this is more like a cosmetic problem because the stains look very bad. You can resolve this problem with installing the algae resistant shingles, or you can use chemicals that will remove them from the surface. There are many solutions like the bleach, hot water, soaps and many chemicals.

TIP: do not use a pressure washer to clean away the stains. This is a big no-no. With this washer, you can damage the roof and it can no longer qualify for the roofs warranty. Washer can eliminate the protective granules that help your roof with the sun UV rays. If your roof has many missing granules, you should consider replacing the roofing system.


You can take care of the moss the same as with the black stains. Remember, they are not the same as algae and can seriously damage the roofing system and its structure allowing the leaks through the shingle roof. Inspect the roof for any sign of leaks and if you find any, make the repairs as soon as possible to prevent more damage.


There are several risks you should know about when cleaning the roofing shingles by yourself. If you have experience, you won’t have problems, but if you are not, the best would be to contact a professional. Here are some of the risks:


  1. Falling from the roof (roofing surface can be slick, be very careful)
  2. Do not make a cleaning solution by yourself (you can damage the shingles)
  3. Some cleaning solutions can damage the plant life (if it drains off the roof)
  4. Do not use a pressure washer (you will damage the protective layer)
  5. Walking can also damage the surface of the roofing (be very careful)
  6. Scrubbing the shingles also tear the protective granules (use a soft brush)

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