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Today, in the Houston commercial roofing industry, coating applications and spray foam are becoming hot topics. With these new types of roofing applicants, coating or insulation in the form of a spray foam is usually applied over an already existing roofing system. This kind of roofing systems is offered on the concept of affordable, disposal costs, long-term roofing warranties and higher value of insulation for less money. Keep in mind that there are a lot of available roof coating and spray foam applications.

But there are also coating systems that do not use insulation in spray foam form. You don’t have to question the idea and concept of coating over an already existing flat commercial roofing system for a lower price and less debris to clean. You should consider that there are no official and trusted records for this kind of roofing systems. Most roofing contractors do not think of spray foam and coating applications as a stand alone roofing systems for flat roofs. Almost always spray foam and coating is applied over pre-existing roofing system. If you are considering using spray foam or coating, you need to be sure that your existing roofing system is in excellent condition.

Water can penetrate over time through foam and coating, and if your roofing system is damaged, it can lead to leaks which can cause big and expensive problems to repair. We can’t tell you the average lifespan of coating or spray foam roofing system because there are systems that have lasted for 20 years, and there are systems that required replacement within five years after the installation. When it comes to coating roofing system failure, it usually requires complete roof replacement, including your roofing system which is under the coating. You can call it a gamble if you opt for spray foam coating roofing system, but it doesn’t have to be. If your existing roofing system is in excellent condition, spray foam can only prolong its life when applied. Application of a liquid spray coating is a relatively new practice in the roofing industry when it comes to commercial systems. These systems usually use two part coating but before that, it requires preparation process. Many professional roofing contractors are striving to understand this system better because there is potential in using them in certain situations. Since it is a relatively new roofing system/application, the market is not that much familiar with all of the potentials of spray foam and coating applications. Using them on flat commercial roofing systems that are in great conditions is advisable, but if your existing roof is near the end of its life, it is not desirable to apply spray foam or coating application over it.  For any additional information, contact us or visit our homepage.

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