I will start this article by providing a link to Wikipedia for the definition of Cost Segregation as their definition, summary, and information about applicability hopefully provides the clarification needed to determine if a Commercial Property in need of a new roof / re roof is a good candidate for a Cost Segregation Study to be conducted.

Click on this link:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cost_segregation_study

Understanding how Cost Segregation can provide substantial Tax Benefits for buildings such as any of the types listed in the Wikipedia article. Many real estate investors / commercial building owners and their accountants that I have dealt with over the years have when asked if they were familiar with Cost Segregation Studies and properly applying it to applicable properties often are not familiar with how it works and the tremendous the benefits are of having this study conducted.

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It is important to qualify the building as an eligible candidate. Typically if so the cost of the study in relation to the benefits from conducting a Cost Segregation Study and the proper application of the study can exponentially outweigh the cost of the study itself, and that in itself makes the upfront cost of the study a worthy investment. Also, as the information is extrapolated and applied in relation to the cost of re-roofing an existing Commercial Building can substantially offset the cost of their new roof.

Many Commercial Buildings out there that have been re roofed in the last three years may still be good candidates for this study and can still take advantage of the benefits. At the bottom of this article is further information provided to help better explain, “What is Cost Segregation and how is it applied?”

Cost segregation Applied

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