City of Houston is enforcing building code more than ever

In Houston Building Code Compliancy is being enforced now more than ever. We have previously posted information with links to help educate our clients and potential clients as well as any person who wants to know the facts without having to research where to find them.

With the current economic climate banks as well as real estate investors are conducting more due diligence than ever, just as on the other hand the City of Houston is enforcing building code more than ever in its history, (a) for public safety, and (b) as a great source of revenue as all permitted Code Compliant projects be it new construction or retrofit have an associated fee for the permit itself and also the valuation of the project the permit is for.

Following the rules – meeting or exceeding mandatory codes helps assure everyone from the residential homeowner, to major real estate investors that their investment is safe and their building won’t be “Red Taggedâ€, which is when a building is flagged by The City of Houston Department of Public Works and Engineering Code Enforcement for not meeting applicable building code or posing a public safety factor.

I remember last year when I was speaking with a real estate investor who was very upset that the City had the power cut off for one of his occupied properties. He asked me, “How can they do that?†and I replied, “It’s called an ordinance, and that he must not have addressed the letters that had been sent to him from the City notifying him of his buildings code violations and corrective actions required to bring his property up to code.†This was an unfortunate situation that could have been avoided.

When our design team writes specifications for projects the number one consideration and where everything starts is that our designs and specifications are constructed within Code Compliancy, once we have identified all applicable Code Requirements for a successful project we can then look at value engineered options to reduce the cost and still meet code.

Experience has taught most people that you get what you pay for. Our best advice is to make sure that you are paying for a code compliant project that has been permitted through The City of Houston Department of Public Works and Engineering, and that you never pay your full balance until you have a successfully finalized permit signed by the appropriate inspector/s and that the associated project number for your project shows as finalized in The City of Houston Database.


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