How to Detect a Roof Leak

Locating the roof leaks can be a very hard job. There can be signs that indicate on the leaks, but sometimes it can be wrong signs. Sometimes water can penetrate into the house from the chimney and that does not mean that the roofing system is damaged. It can easily be repaired with silicone. This example shows us that inspection is important, it gives us answers on what is going on with the roof. The roof covering works with gravity, without it, the water would penetrate your house. This helps you with to locate the entry point of leaking. Always inspect the sideways, there may be the source of leaking. Harden hose can also help you. With it, you can simulate the rain and see if there are any leaks.



  • The flashing has cracked
  • There are  broken shingles
  • The valleys aren’t properly sealed
  • The vent booting is cracked
  • ice dam buildup on the roofing
  • The skylights were improperly installed
  • The gutters are clogged
  • A cracked chimney
  • Condensation in your attic



About 90 % of the leaks are happening at the flashings because they are transitional roofing materials. Flashings are eaten chimneys and valleys. Before trying to find any signs of leaks, first inspect the flashing. The main reason for damaged flashing is that installers do not install them properly. They don’t do it as needed.


Many modern houses have low slope roofs. They are highly susceptible to leaking from the rain blown with the wind. If you can, increase the slope or the pitch of your roofing system.


You do not know how easy is to fix roofing leaks. Sometimes, all you need is a piece of metal flashing. Slide it over a hole and also under/up the shingles. Maybe the counter flashing is rusted, or a solder has cracked. As a permanent roof patching, the best is not to use roofing cement because the UV rays can break it down. This is needed for attaching the two shingles together.


This is also another temporary material used for roofing. It is great for woodwork materials, and tiles, as well. But are not good as a roofing material. Roofing system can move a lot, and proper metal flashings can account are great to reduce this movement.


Inspection is very important, as much as the maintenance when talking about roofing care. This helps you reducing the popular roofing problems at its minimum and saves you money for repairing the damage. Maintenance on a regular basis (2-5 times a year) prolongs the lifetime of any roofing system.

Whenever you have a new or old roofing system, some of the roofing problems are unavoidable. Winter is long and offers many snow, hailstorms, and high winds. But, with a right maintenance and care, every roofing system should keep your family safe and dry for many years. Catching a leak in the early stage can save you a lot of money and time. Also, remember to contact a roof leak repair Houston company if you have any questions.


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