There are several things you need to do when it comes to your roof, no matter on the type you have. Some of the maintenance tasks are in common to all of the roof types. Before any action, you should check all the requirements with your manufacturer. If you are not sure how to take care of your roof, consider contacting a professional. Also, if you don’t know how to trim away the trees and branches, replace the gutters or paint your roof surface, arrange a licensed roofer to help you. The roofing projects aren’t easy and sometimes they can be dangerous.


Before any action, you should consider following all the precautions. Wear a helmet and non-slippery working shoes. Work on a roof surface on a sunny day, when the surface is dry. The wet roof is a very dangerous one. Use ladders that have over 15 degrees. For cleaning, you can use soft brushes, and while walking on the surface, walk along the nail lines. To avoid damages, use the time block on the downspouts and gutters. Step only on the front edges of the surface.


At least once (we recommend two to three times) a year you should check out the cladding, flashings and the chimney on the roof. Search for any signs of cracks, or missing parts. You can use the ladder, but be very careful, don’t work on the roof surface that is wet. Check the roof before you step on it, and use the safety ropes for precaution. Also, a helmet and the non-slippery shoes are a must!


Corrosion is a very common problem. Flashings are elements that are protecting all the vulnerable areas on the roof surface. If the flashings get damaged, your roof may be in danger and can become a serious threat to you. Removing the corrosion and painting the damaged areas will reduce the further damages. You might need to replace the flashings if the level of corrosion is large. Besides that, if they are damaged, water can easily penetrate into your home and cause leakage and structural damage.


Water can easily penetrate on a surface that has broken or missing shingles, on a surface that is sagging. Water causes early deterioration, the growth of moisture, algae, and leakage. Check the roof structure and your warranty, because any change that influence at the structure may invalidate the warranty.


Trees and their branches cause many problems and damages to a roof because they are rubbing the material. Falling branches and leaves block the gutters and prevent the water flow. As well, debris cause water penetration and leakage. Blocked gutters and debris on the surface add weight to your roof and may cause serious structural damages to your property. The branches (even the trees, if are very big) must be trimmed, while debris must be removed from the gutters and downspouts.


Maintenance is very important as well as the inspection. If your roofing is inspected and maintained at least 2 to 3 times a year, you will both have a safe home and prolong the life of your roof. For any questions, you can always contact us, because we are here at your service, for everything your roofing needs. You can contact us already today. Anchor Roofing company will be there for you and your roofing system with our contractors who install, replace, and repair rubber roofs in the Houston, TX area, including Katy, Sugarland, Missouri, Pearland, Spring, Cypress, Galena Park, Richmond, Rosenberg, Stafford, The Woodlands, Baytown, Clear Lake, Galveston, La Marque, Pasadena, Deer Park, Sealy, La Porte, Brookshire, and Columbus.


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