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How to fix your leaking problem

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Being a homeowner today isn’t easy. Although most people dream of having their own property, it comes with a lot of responsibilities and obligations. Since you’re the homeowner, you’re responsible for all the necessary repairs and installations. In case something gets broken, you’re in charge. There are many situations that may require your attention, but problems with your roof require your IMMEDIATE attention.

Nowadays, one of the most common problems associated with roofing systems is leaking. It can occur because of many different reasons, but the direct cause of your leaking problem would be broken or damaged shingles. You might not even see the damage forming. Maybe you’re not expecting it; maybe you’re living in an area that’s mostly dry, it doesn’t matter. Shingles may break because of a lot of different reasons, and even the smallest rain may create some substantial damage in the future. Even tiny, tiny holes may present a problem. Once a path is created for water to enter your home, it’s done. The path will only get wider and wider as you continue to remain either clueless about the whole situation, or you aren’t the situation seriously because of your lack of knowledge and/or experience.

Generally, when doing any change on your roofing system or in your life in general, you will want to make the best out of every outcome. In case you’re doing some repairs on your home, you would want the end-result to be even better than the original. Make a smart choice and think it through, no matter how trivial the problem you’re faced with may seem.

Keeping track of the damage is actually very easy. You can effectively incorporate it into your daily life. When sitting around, divert your eyes to the ceiling. Make a habit out of noticing any change in shade or color. Dark stains usually suggest a leaking problem. Also, when doing your biannual roof inspection, remember to check for even the smallest of cracks. Once you notice a crack, take care of it immediately, don’t postpone it simply because the damage isn’t great enough.

Sometimes you’re simply too busy, and you notice the damage once it’s already done. Don’t worry, since the roofing industry keeps coming up with new solutions daily; there are a number of ways you can deal with your problem.

The first thing you should do is to locate the source of your leak. On some occasions, the source of the leak is obvious, while some other time you’ll have a hard job finding it. Remove any shingles that are directly above the leak. If that doesn’t work, check the shingles standing above those you’ve just removed. This should be especially useful to homeowners with a sloped roof, since gravity usually does its thing where it pulls everything that exists down.

The most popular solution used by many homeowners is to place a sheet of metal atop the hole. This is a temporary solution, so it is advised to contact an expert.

We are currently serving Houston, Pasadena, The Woodlands, Baytown, Conroe, Deer Park, Friendswood, Galveston, Lake Jackson, La Porte, League City, Missouri City, Pearland, Rosenberg, Sugar Land, Texas City, Atascocita, Kingwood, Channelview, and Mission Bend.

 by Bill and Linda S. on Anchor Roofing
Excellent Houston roof repair company

After Harvey, we had cracks and leaks on my ceiling and thankfully called Anchor Roofing. Their roofing professionals repaired the roof damage pretty quickly and affordably.

 by J. W on Anchor Roofing
Great Service

I choose Bill Hubbell over 3 other roofers home depot because he made the roof happen at a critical weather situation labor day weekend that could have resulted in much home owner ins. damage

 by John on Anchor Roofing
Prompt scheduling and good workmanship

I've worked with this company on many claims and always found them to exemplify what every homeowner should look for in a contractor, therefore I give them two thumbs up and a five star rating