What can you expect from Metal Roofing Companies

Metal Roofing Companies are not all the same. There are companies that only furnish and fabricate supplies. However, they don’t install roofs as it often seems like a conflict of interest to be both supplier and installer. They often have specializations, such as R Panel or M Panel Roofs, Standing Seam Roofs, Aluminum Shakes, Decra Metal etc. Then there are companies that handle all types of metal roofing such as sheet metal.

The installation of metal Roofs can be done as a retrofit, new construction, or tear off and complete re-roof. It depends on the project and the budget. The accomplishment of the installation can be done for as little as $3.00 a square foot all the way up to over $10.00 a square foot.

 Metal systems can simulate the look of tile roofs without the live load that is in sync with traditional tile roofing.


 Standing Seam Metal Roof

Many homeowners and businesses are not aware of the fact that since May 1st of 1998 TDI has made mandatory that insurance companies provide mandatory discounts for hail resistant metal roofs. If your property has a metal roof installation or is thinking of having one, it is best to assure up front that the roof you are purchasing will enable you for an insurance discount to help offset the cost of your new metal roof. An expert roofing companies Houston Texas will assist you in knowing all about metal roofing insurance schemes in detail.

The application of fluoropolymer technology on pre-paint application on metal like Kynar 500 or Hylar 5000 paint finish long-term warranties. These are available against paint fade from Metal Roofing Manufacturing Companies. Furthermore, almost all colors of metal available are cool roofs and are eligible for up to 25 USGBC and LEED points.


How to find a good roof repair Houston contractor?

They are no different than any other type of company in that they vary greatly in ability, service, reputation, and quality.

When looking for a contractor, do your research and deal with a company that has been in business at least 5 years. They must be a member of the Better Business Bureau – with a good rating. Also, they must have a certification applicator status for the system they will be installing if they win your business.

It is a strong recommendation to have the Company to provide you with a COI listing you as an additional assignee. They have a Workman’s Compensation Policy endorsement to protect you if anything goes wrong. As working on metal roofs with steep pitch can be very dangerous. It requires the proper safety equipment and training.

I remember when another roofing company called our office asking for a labor only bid on a standing seam roof.

The gentleman’s reply – it’s a Standing Seam Roof and we have all the materials on the ground. However, our installers can’t figure out how to install it. It was a surprise at first, as the installers typically assist in ordering all the materials to assure that everything has been addressed. As all metal roofs are unique and they are not like composition shingle roofs. You just figure out the roof area and order bundles of materials and other accessories.


The fabrication of metal roofs has to be with exact specifications for all facets, eave trim, soffit, and other accessories.

This call proves that not all roofing companies are capable of installing metal roof systems. Neither all Metal Roof Companies are capable of installing all types of metal roofs as per relevant building code. They may not even be able to follow manufacturer installation protocol and SMACNA which is an international group. These represent over 4000 contracting companies and helping to assure best industry standards are met.

In close, I summarize that Metal Roofing is no different than any other trade, do your research, realize that you are getting what you are paying for and that if you follow the above-listed recommendations you should be able to avert a headache. If you have any question Contact us for roof repair Houston