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Problems that lead to roof repair

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The most prominent and the most thing we hear our clients complain about is how they don’t understand when did the leak appear and how did it even develop. It is logical that you cannot fix something if you are not sure what is wrong and how does something work. Roofing industry may be complicated for someone who does not know anything about it. But is doesn’t have to be like that. We are here today to change that. This article will explain how easy it is for your roof to get damaged and how you can prevent that from happening. Knowing the reasons means searching for the best solutions. So here are the top five reasons that are ruing your roof without you even realizing it.

1) Lack of care

We cannot highlight enough how important the proper care and maintenance is.  With maintaining your roof you can extend its lifespan significantly. If not extend, trust us, at least maximize. With proper coatings, finishes, with painting it regularly and by reacting to the signs of aging, you are doing well to your roof and your bank account.

 2) Someone did a bad job installing a roof

Poor installation is an often reason why your roof, as well as the inside of your house, gets damaged. The way your contractor installed your roof often determines how your roof will perform. The first time you put up your roof it has to be done perfectly. This will allow you a peace of mind knowing you won’t be needing any repairs soon. If your roof is incorrectly implemented than the chances of a major leak appearing are high.

3) Materials that should not be used

You would be amazed at how many people have their houses covered with the wrong materials. The incompatible material can cause you to spend much money on the repairs you would not need otherwise. So pick wisely and talk to the right contractor.

4) Roof Walkers

We know that walking on the roof is sometimes inevitable. Sometimes we need to get something off the roof, sometimes we need to fix something, sometimes the electricity handyman will have to go up there and sometimes you roofer will have to stop by. These are all occasions on which walking on the roof is unavoidable. However, be careful of a few thing. Never allow cigarettes on the roof. Ashes can create small holes that are doors to water and major leaks. Secondly, put a protection over your roof like sheets or blankets and always try to insist that people have walking pads when going up there. That is their purpose!

 5) Contracting and expanding

Some types of materials experience contracting and expanding. This cycle repeats as the seasons go. In the winter your roof may contract due to low temperatures and then expand in the hot weather conditions. It is natural but this can actually cause quite a damage. Metal roofing is very prone to this so be careful when picking the material.

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