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The roof is the most exposed component of the house. It is your shield and the only thing that stand between you and the weather conditions. It acts as the guard to your family, your belongings and everything you care about. Isn’t that enough to motivate you to take a proper care of your roofing system? Most roofing companies post the most about winter and summer and how they are the worst seasons for your roof. Not many roofers write about how spring and fall can affect your shield. This is a big mistake because the worst rainstorms are often in these seasons. That is why we prepared a short guide on how to prevent your roof getting damaged in spring and fall.


Winter is often declared as the season with the worst storms and with a lot of water everywhere. However, it is still less wet than spring and fall. Spring and fall may not seem so severe, but for your roof, they are crucial. That is why you need to make sure that you prepare yourself as well as your roofing system for these seasons. Most often problems during this time are strong spring storms. We are sure you have experienced those. Crazy wind, rain falling, thunders and lighting drumming. It is scary, and while the fall isn’t so extreme, there are still a lot of rains, debris, and winds. Leaves that fall from the trees and cripple your roof, fruit from the trees too. How to solve these problems? Let’s revise that.


A quality and properly done drip edge, fiberglass underlayment, flashing properly maintained gutters and shingles.  All of these can help the water stay away from the inside of your homes. If you know how to implement correctly these, then your roof will stay in place during the whole year.

We are going to start with shingles. Shingles are critical. If you pick the wrong type of material to build your roofing system in, then you are minimizing the lifespan of your roof from the beginning. Always make sure that you hired a professional, experienced contractor. Never go for cheaper options because that could compromise the quality of the material used as well as the proper installation.

Drip edge is not so common. It is a small strip of metal that is bent and installed over the edges of the roof. It helps prevent the water from settling in. By using drip edge, you will no longer have problems with ice damming or clogged gutter. However, don’t forget that you need to put the underlayment under the drip edge.

Flashing, flashing and more flashing. We always highlight how important flashing is. It keeps the water from flowing directly to the inside of your beloved home. If it is damage, wait no more, fix it as soon as possible. Luckily, it is easy to fix.

The more waterproof barriers, the safer your home is. That is why you shouldn’t forget about the underlayment. Underlayment is a sort of a barrier that keeps the water away from your roof. It the best way to keep water content like snow or rain out of your house.

We are currently serving Houston, Pasadena, The Woodlands, Baytown, Conroe, Deer Park, Friendswood, Galveston, Lake Jackson, La Porte, League City, Missouri City, Pearland, Rosenberg, Sugar Land, Texas City, Atascocita, Kingwood, Channelview, and Mission Bend.

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I choose Bill Hubbell over 3 other roofers home depot because he made the roof happen at a critical weather situation labor day weekend that could have resulted in much home owner ins. damage

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I've worked with this company on many claims and always found them to exemplify what every homeowner should look for in a contractor, therefore I give them two thumbs up and a five star rating


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