We know how to implement Slate roofing systems on your Houston home

If you are a homeowner in a greater Houston area, and you are looking for a roofing system that will last you a lifetime, and that will provide your home with extreme durability, then slate roofing material is the right choice for you. In addition to durability, slate can offer a unique visual appearance to your residence. Slate is being recognized for its remarkable lifespan and incomparable beauty that can last for centuries and can’t be matched with other roofing materials. Deciding to purchase a slate roofing system is not a small thing speaking financially and because of that, it is vital to research all about slate and its benefits and drawbacks.

Many homeowners write off installing a slate roofing system on their home as soon as they find out what the price would be to buy material and pay a roofing contractor to install slate roofing system. Main reason for the high price of slate roofing material is because is quarried out of the ground and different roofing contractors have different prices. It is not an easy system to install. But if your budget allows you, you won’t be able to find a roofing material that matches the natural beauty of the slate roofing. No matter in what architectural style your home is built slate will fit perfect in the picture. It is available in a wide range of natural slate textures and colors. Talking about colors, slate can be available in red, green, black, gray, purple, green and it can also be available in a mixture of those colors. Another thing about slate roofing material is that it can be shaped in different sizes and thicknesses to meet needed requirements for the project. The slate will not fade over time, and it will maintain its distinctive appearance. When talking about lifespan, there are not many materials that can stand up to slate. Slate can last over a century, and slate roofing manufacturers will often provide the 100-year warranty with purchase of their roofing system. If you don’t plan to sell your residence, then slate might be the smart investment to make for your home.  Slate is durable because it is made out of natural stone and that is what makes it waterproof. It is also extremely fire resistant, and it can save your home in the event of fire. If you live in an area where hail, torrential rain, snow, high winds and other unwanted weather events are common, slate can keep you safe from them because it is extremely durable to anything Mother Nature can throw at it, including moss, mold, and fungus. Because of that slate requires small amounts of repairs and maintenance. Because it can last over a century that makes slate roofing material environmentally friendly choice of roofing because there won’t be a need for replacement. There are not many drawbacks to slate roofing. For most homeowners the biggest drawback would be the price tag. It is costly material to buy and install on your roof. Another drawback is that slate is naturally thick material, and it will require a home that has a strong roofing support structure.

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