What should you know about roof information

A client recently asks – Hi, I would like to know how many roof repairs can you possibly handle within a month? This was my answer – Manpower is not an issue. However, it is time-taking to properly inspect and identify the source of the leaks. Further, writing a practical work scope with a coinciding proposal including a conditions report for the repair/s will take time. Also, calculating the time taken to visit to the property is a large contributing factor to the answer.

Then there are some roofs such as gravel ballast systems that are embed into coal tar pitch that you can put a band-aid on. However, there is no permanent solution – repair wise for this type of archaic roof system. Also, coal tar pitch is a living organism and will move around when there is exposure to high heat and it is also carcinogenic.

For example, water goes from liquid to solid at 32 degrees F°. With coal tar pitch the phase change from solid to a liquid / soft state. This usually occurs at around 85 degrees F° and there are very few repair options. Also, the ones that are available are temporary solutions typically coming with a 6-month warranty at most. It also depends on the time of year the repair takes place.

Commercial Roofing

Also, if it’s more than just roofing, like gutters, resheathing, and other situations it requires a Commercial Minor Repair Permit. The approval of the license must be from the City of Houston Department of Public Works and Engineering. The permission must be taken in advance as it is a time taking procedure. The property must possess an Occupancy Certificate upon completion by a Department of Public Works and Engineering Inspector. You can also contact roof repair Houston, professionals to assist you in renovating your rooftops pocket-friendly budgets.



There are also the liability issues when anyone goes on your roof that you want to address prior to any work being performed.

We can get an additional COI if you’re a Real Estate Investor/owner of an investment group/outsourcing building maintenance firm. We carry Class A Class Insurance and Workman’s Compensation insurance to protect both us and you or your clients. Some jobs may require a COI for just the property that is undergoing repair and possessing a proper legal description of the owner. It is a prerequisite to obtaining the COI for that property and can take a day or two couple of days before the COI’s come in. Having this in advance helps immensely to provide indemnification as well as a reputable insurer should something go wrong.

 Mandatory Certifications

The type of repair and the location of the property have a role to play. Many roof systems under long-term NDL warranties require a Post Warranty Repair Form. This submission is made to the roof system material manufacturer. The issuance is done to the long-term NDL warranty in advance of the repair or additional work. New penetrations, HVAC curbs, drains, and many other relevant items need approval in advance. There is a requirement of written approval from the manufacturer about you being a credential applicator. It indicates that you have the approval to perform the roof repair. Following specifications can be seen full term warranty and not being void can save a lot of potential headaches.

When it comes to repairs, for example, if it is a metal roof needing repair then you must order and fabricate the materials to proper dimensions. If it’s an asphalt shingle roof, a built-up custom roll roof, or PVC roof system then the process is quicker.



Anchor Roofing Scope of Work

We have a large portfolio of commercial clients and are performing repairs daily in multiple locations. However, sometimes there are situations where a roof is at the end of its life cycle and in good faith, we cannot endorse a roof repair. The probability of it failing elsewhere is high, and here starts a never-ending repair process. This will be costlier in comparison to constant repair work versus a retrofit system, or a new roofing system.

A new commercial roof in Houston must either be a white roof or adhere to 2008 Houston Commercial Energy Code. There was enhancement so that it could meet the 2009 IECC. Also, the mandates of Solar Reflectivity and Thermal Emissivity must be met which also typically results in a substantial energy consumption reduction. The requirement of energy to cool the building will go down if the sunlight is reflecting back into the environment. This sometimes offsets the cost of a new roof. No roofing company in Houston could give you a sure number of roof repairs they could complete in a month. Weather plays a significant role in letting a roofer complete their roofing work.


We welcome the opportunity to meet with you and discuss the issues you are having, and we have the philosophy that we can show you better than we can tell you. Please free to contact your trusted local Houston roofer today and schedule a FREE inspection!

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