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Roof repair – why is it important

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In many years of business, we realized that people often don’t realize the difference between handymen and real contractors. While handyman can replace you dishwasher or fix a pipe, he certainly cannot fix your roof properly. Many people fall into scams and are fooled. As a reputable roofing company, we are sad to notice how more and more citizens pick handymen before contacting a roofing company.  We do not blame them but it simply a wrong choice, and there are many reasons to why we are saying this.  We want to change this trend of hiring unprofessional people, and we are going to try to do that by writing these articles and informing our clients. There is a massive difference between contractors and handymen, so keep reading if you are interested.

Money is the biggest problem when it comes to roofing companies. But does it have to be? Absolutely not, a quality contractor should find the best ratio of service and price for you. If he doesn’t, then he is simply the wrong and low-quality choice. But not all roofing companies are like that. And you shouldn’t judge base on one experience. You may think that contractors only matter when installing the roof but trust us that is not the case. Repairs are extremely important and extremely sensitive. Now, listen. We are not saying that handymen are not appreciated or that we don’t recognize them. We do, they are a hardworking people, they have a lot of skills, they work hours and hours and some of them are really experienced. But roofing is not simple. Roofing systems require special attention and working on the roof requires specialized training and education. Handymen do not have that. They did not go through the education, and they didn’t go through training. They know stuff about roofs because they once worked on one, but they don’t understand the structure and the construction of the roof in general. Our trained professionals are different. They have been through every possible situation related to roofs and roof repairs. They know how to properly handle anything. On example, a removed fastener on a metal roof that has not been sealed properly can cause a major leak and a disaster to the inside of your home. And this is just one example; there are much more, but we are trying to stay positive here. Trained repairers coming from roofing companies are licensed and recognizable. They represent a whole firm, and that is a tremendous responsibility.  Handymen often work on their own; they are even not licensed sometimes. If you hire someone coming from a corporation, you are automatically given a warranty and a guarantee that the person will not just disappear after they take your money. When we talk about money, a handyman can charge you a lot even if it is not necessary and you have no choice than to pay. A professional repairman has determined prices of repairs that have been given to him by his company.

We hope that this article changed your mind and that you are now more informed on differences between handymen and professionals.

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