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If you are in the process of narrowing down your list of contractors for roof repair Houston, you may need some advice to make sure that you receive the services you pay for. Roofing repair  can end up becoming a large investment so you must examine a few tips so that can handle your housetop problems before they become too severe. There are many unethical roofing companies out there so you must be sure that you are dealing with a reputable Houston roof repair company that provides quality services.

I’m sure that you have read reviews or heard stories from homeowners that have wasted thousands of dollars on contractors that do not produce the services they advertised.

This leaves individuals in unfortunate situations where they no longer have the money to repair thier roofing system. To ensure that this never happens to you in the future, make sure that you do a little research on companies that you are interested in.

The first thing that you should do once you have an idea of which roof repair company you will sign with is to check their standings with the Better Business Bureau Houston department. You should only rely on companies that have excellent consumer ratings as well as the proper licensing. This is a large investment that should be planned carefully to make the best decision. Think about how important your roofing structure is. Your roof protects you and your family from outside elements such as dirty water and mildew damages. A company’s Better Business Bureau ratings will be enough to validate the integrity and quality of your preferred company.

Roof repairs can add up in Houston….

Another reliable way to validate the services of contractors in your area is to make sure that they aren’t providing pricing quotes over the phone. If any roofing company offers you a quote over the phone without actually examining your roof, this should ring a bell in your mind to double check their credentials. There is no way possible for a company to truly access the damage of your housetop over the phone without actually examining the structure. Keep an eye out for companies that ask for a large cash deposit before they begin working on your home. A reliable roof repair company will always provide you with an extensive invoice so that you know exactly what you are paying for.

How Many Roof repairs can we handle

I was recently asked this question via our online request form, “Message: Hi, I would like to know how many roof repairs can you possibly handle within a month?

To answer that question I sent the following back, there are many variables that go into the answer to that question. Manpower is not an issue; however the time it takes to properly inspect and identify the source of the leaks and then write a practical work scope with coinciding proposal including a conditions report for the repair/s along with the time involved for the visit to the property is a large contributing factor to the answer.

Then there are some roofs such as gravel ballasted systems that are embedded in coal tar pitch that you can put a band aid on; however there is not a permanent solution – repair wise for this type of archaic roof system, as coal tar pitch is a living organism and will move around when exposed to enough heat, and is also carcinogenic.

For example water goes from liquid to solid at 32 degrees F°. With coal tar pitch the phase change from solid to a liquid / soft state usually occurs at around 85 degrees F° and there are very few repair options, and the ones that are available are temporary solutions typically coming with a 6 month warranty at most, depending on the time of year the repair takes place.

Also, if it is more than just roofing involved, such as gutters, coping, re sheathing, along with other situations it requires a Commercial Minor Repair Permit issued from the City of Houston Department of Public Works and Engineering in advance and there is the time it takes to have the permit issued assuming the property has a valid Occupancy Certificate, and must be finalized upon completion by a Department of Public Works and Engineering Inspector.

There are also the liability issues when anyone goes on your roof that you want to address prior to any work being performed. If you are a Real Estate Investor and set up as an investment group, or outsourcing the building maintenance and management to a Property Management Company, then typically we will have an additional insured COI (Certificate of Insurance) issued to the management company, or investment group listed as Additional Insured. We carry Class A Rated Insurance and Workman’s Compensation insurance to protect both us and you or your clients. Some jobs may require a COI for just the property that is being repaired and having the proper legal description of the owner or relative persons is a prerequisite to obtaining the COI for that property and it can take a day or two once the information is provided before the COI’s come in. Having this in advance helps immensely to provide indemnification as well as a reputable insurer should something go wrong.

Location is important

The type of repair and the location of the property play a roll too, as many roof systems under long term NDL warranties require a Post Warranty Repair Form to be submitted to the roof system material manufacturer whom has issued the long term NDL warranty in advance of the repair or additional work such as new penetrations, HVAC curbs, drains, and many other items relevant, the written approval in advance from the manufacturer that you are a credentialed applicator and approved to perform the roof repair as per specifications can be the difference in a warranty seeing full term and not being voided can save a lot of potential headache.

When it comes to repairs for example if it is a metal roof being repaired then the materials may have to ordered and fabricated to the proper dimensions. If it is an asphalt composition shingle roof, a built up modified rolled roofing system, or a white TPO, or PVC roof system then the process is quicker.

We have a large portfolio of commercial clients and are performing repairs daily in multiple locations around Houston; however sometimes there are situations where a roof has reached the end of its life cycle and in good faith we cannot endorse a roof repair when the probability of it failing elsewhere regularly starts a never ending repair process that will cost more to put repair after repair up over a period of time versus either a retro fit system, a coating system, or a complete tear off with new roof system to Local Code as the most practical answer. Plus if it is a commercial roof system in Houston and a new roof is the best op that is not white then to meet the 2008 Houston Commercial Energy Code which was enhanced to meet the 2009 IECC (International Energy Conservation Code) then the mandated Solar Reflectivity and Thermal Emissivity must be met which also typically results in a substantial energy consumption reduction as less energy will be used to cool the building now that the Sunlight is being reflected back in to the environment, sometimes offsetting the cost of the new roof. I do not believe there is a reputable roofing company in Houston, or anywhere for that matter that could give you a for sure number of how many roof repairs they could complete in a month’s given time, as no matter where you are the weather plays a significant role.

We welcome the opportunity to meet with you and discuss the issues you are having, and we have the philosophy that we can show you better than we can tell you. Please feel free to call our office about how we can best provide service to you.



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