Roofing credits, and many others not being used: Roofing credits are just one of the many advantages that are available to Texas residents that most of them are not being taken advantage of. To my surprise many are not even being taken. When I left and went back to the office, I spent hours combing through this incredible website, Anchor Roofing, and finding roofing, credits, incentives, that I had no idea even existed, for roofing of course; however there are so many other credits that I literally got lost on this website. 

Imagine not knowing that depending on your power provider you could be eligible for a credit for energy efficient light bulbs, from your power provider. The $40.00 credit per bulb completely changed my perspective on paying over $20.00 for a light bulb. When I saw that there are available credits here for roofing companies Houston for roofing efficiency improvement, and that one major provider has not paid out a dime thus far, I had to dig, this is important information that could help me, my clients, as well as the environment. Sure there are hoops to jump through, if not then there would not have been none the available credit money paid out to date. I spent hours on this website, and saw credits for everything from: roofing, HVAC Systems, even Duct Work, I had to look harder to not find a credit than I did to find them. If you have bought anything to promote energy efficiency, you may be eligible for a credit; however until you look you will not know.

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Listed are even credits for 5013-C Companies / Non Profits. As per IRS Tax Code, anyone can file an amended return for years prior via Form 3115. I am not an accountant, so all I can recommend is if you see something you missed, call your accountant about possibly amending a previous tax return if you find a credit that you never took. DSIREUSA is the one place to find “all available credits”, state, federal, and even through electricity providers and utility companies, can all be found at: Once there just click on your state and learn & earn.

If I asked, “Who likes Free Money?” and followed up with proof of how to get it. I may become more popular than ever imagined. I mean who doesn’t like the person that can show them how to collect, credits, tax incentives, and on the federal level as well as the state level. Even on the local level through utility providers, and this is just for Texas. Some states offer far more; however if you do not start looking you most likely will not find them. Then again, if you call Anchor Roofing, or fill out our “Talk to a Pro”, you will be sure to get a response.

If you are looking for a new roof, a roof coating or roof repair Houston companies, it just may be worth your time to contact us. Even if you are a home owners association or property management company, ad have clients that are structured as a 5013-C for tax purposes, there may be something for them to help offset the cost.

I asked myself, “How can this be?” There are all sorts of credits available and no one is telling us about them? That is the question that: Inspired me to write this post. When I think about it, I can only imagine how much money is being saved by people not taking available credits and Incentives. Then I thought, “If I was owed money, I would want to know; however if a corporation owed it to me, something tells me that they would not be tracking me down to ask if / when I will their money; however if I was taking any of their money that is available if applied for, or whatever the requirement is, for some reason I have not heard of them actively looking to give away money or discounts on your power bill, your gas bill, and the list goes on. Sectors like, “multifamily”, often set up as non-profits are eligible for many credits, particularly if they are replacing low sloped roofing, as here in Houston, TX local energy code was enhanced this year, and to meet it, most low sloped roofing systems meet the criteria for some type of credit or incentive. 

Yet how many home or business owners that are not architects, engineers, or roofers know what: solar reflectance ratings are? On our home page, we have a video from the department of energy, the type of roof being shown more often than not meets the requirements. I know a lot about building code and energy code, yet I was amazed at what I learned on this web site; however could my mother understand it? NO! Not if her life depended on it. We are here to help, as well as pass the word to other contractors such as HVAC, window installers, and the list goes on. Private residents are eligible for many credits. Commercial businesses are eligible for many credits. The list just goes on and on. If it is too much to try and figure out, We are here to help. It can be a true win-win situation; however it all starts by going to the web site, or even picking up the phone. Anchor Roofing has trained professionals to help you navigate the system, as it can be tricky at times. If you are looking for a new Roof, and want to be sure that any available Roofing Credit or Incentive available is utilized. Call Anchor Roofing at: 713-266-27777 or 888-689-6959. You can also fill out our form on this website, “Talk to a Pro”. A representative will call or email you, quickly.

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