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What to do in case of hail damage

Living in certain climates is associated with many different things. The overall temperature, weather conditions, the common flora, fauna and so on. In order to efficiently adapt to the environment you’re currently living in, certain measures have to be taken. In case you’re living up high in the northern hemisphere, or in case the area you’re inhabiting is typically prone to hailstorms, when securing your roof, you simply must take that factor into consideration.

Hailstorms are considered to be one of the leading forces when it comes to destructive forces that may damage your roof. According to some surveys, it’s the number one cause of weather-related damage.

There’s not much you can do after a hailstorm hits but check for any damage. You think you know how to look for signs of damage, but exceed your limits. Check twice if necessary, because in case you oversee a crack or a missing shingle, you’re about to be in a lot more trouble.

You can start the inspection by checking your gutter. A gutters main purpose is to divert any rainfall or debris; it’s not designed to deal with hail. Look for any dents, scratches or crack and focus on dealing with them immediately. Constantly putting the task off for tomorrow will lead to leaking and other issues, and that’s confirmed by many years of experience.

Next, check your shingles. Make sure they’re all in place and well-kept. Just like with the gutters, in case you notice any damage, however minimal it may be, deal with it accordingly. Look for damage done to your granule coatings. In case you’re hesitant about doing the job yourself, whatever the reason, don’t hesitate to call an expert. Such minor repairs aren’t costly and are beneficial in the long term.

If your roof is older than five years, don’t hesitate to inspect it on a more regular basis. Older roofs are generally susceptible to damage, and can easily break when exposed to a hailstorm.

You might be tempted to walk on your roof, just to make sure you inspect every single piece. You have seen many people walk on roofs before and nothing has ever happened, right? Well, the people you’ve seen were probably roofing contractors who are skilled in this area. Don’t forget that a roof should be placed above your head, not beneath your feet.

In the end, remember that whatever you decide to do in the end, it’s all up to you – the homeowner. Every action you take should be thoroughly examined when it comes to dealing with home repairs.



Once a hailstorm hits, don’t forget to file a claim to your insurance company. Any unaddressed damage will not be paid for by the insurance company. Also, make sure to do it in time since prolonging can lead to possible denial, in which case you’re on your own.

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Great Service

I choose Bill Hubbell over 3 other roofers home depot because he made the roof happen at a critical weather situation labor day weekend that could have resulted in much home owner ins. damage

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I've worked with this company on many claims and always found them to exemplify what every homeowner should look for in a contractor, therefore I give them two thumbs up and a five star rating


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