Many metal roofing systems are known for their problematical lifespan because it depends on the maintenance and care of the roofing system. It all depends mostly on repainting the surface on regular basis and changing the fasteners regularly. The best choice may be the standing seam metal roof that reduces labor and the lifespan is longer due to the seam. This metal roofing can also increase the resale value of your Houston home due to the eco-friendly feature.



Metal roofing system consists of a recycled material which makes sit 100% recyclable. It doesn’t get as hot as the asphaltene materials and also reflect the heat away from the roof during the summer. With this kind of the roofing material, you do not have to worry because longevity is one od the best features. When inspected and maintained properly, they can last about 50 years and more and require little maintenance. They do not change their appearance during the weather conditions which is a plus. The low life cycle cost is also a feature which attracts many people to choose this type of the roofing material.



The average lifespan of a metal roofing system is about 50 years or even more. Most insurance certificates will have a lifespan of 50 years which can be considered to be the longest period of the life of the metal roofing. Also, for example, you can see that many historical building and churches have metal roofs that are old even for 100 of years which is showing that this type of the roofing material is very durable and considerable.



For the best longevity, the regular maintenance is needed to be performed on this roofing system. The lack of it will shorten the life and can lead to many roofing issues like the leaking. The best is to protect the roof from hail with a usage of the acrylic paint. Many people think that you should walk or step on a metal surface, but if you do it with care, you cannot damage the surface. But before you step on it, advice yourself with the manufacturer. There are several details you should know about your roofing and how to take care of it.


With this type of the roofing system, you can reduce the energy costs  because this roofing type has an environmental and economical sustainability which is helping you in reducing the energy bills.



Metal roofs have about 25% of the recycled content and due to that, they are on a list as a green roof. It is also 100% recyclable when it is time for renovation or demolition. Metal roofing system has the feature to be completely recycled, not like the other materials on the market. That is why are a great eco-friendly choice. Not to mention that the lifespan is over 50 years. This type of the roofing material is a great choice.



Those who invest in metal roofing can expect these changes:

  1. Reduced energy bills during the hot summer
  2. Reduced the insurance prices and changes of the damage caused by weather
  3. The metal roofing material will increase the resale value of the home
  4. Metal roofing does not require a lot of maintenance like other materials
  5. The house will have a great aesthetic appearance


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