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Metal Roofing Companies

What can you expect from Metal Roofing Companies Metal Roofing Companies are not all the same. There are Companies that only furnish and fabricate supplies, but do not install the roof systems as it is often viewed as a conflict of interest to be both a supplier and...

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Roof Repair Information

What should you know about roof information I was recently asked this question via our online request form, “Message: Hi, I would like to know how many roof repairs can you possibly handle within a month? To answer that question I sent the following back, there are...

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benefit of roof coating

What is roof coating? To help better explain what a coating system is I will put it in a easier to understand context: Roof coatings are a fluid applied system designed for waterproofing and improving a building envelopes efficiency. They are sometimes over 60% solids...

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Single Ply Roofing Information

Single Ply Roofing Information As Single Ply Roofing Continues to grow in popularity we wanted to provide some information to help explain the 3 Types of Single Ply Roofing, TPO, PVC, and EPDM, each with different properties that may make one particular Single Ply the...

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Epoxy Roof Coatings

Epoxy Roof Coatings I recently watched a demonstration here at our office where the representatives from AES – Advanced Epoxy Systems stopped by to do a demonstration of their products: AES 125 Part A & B, and AES 300 Caulk. I had a piece of CDX 2’ x 1’ with a...

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Flat roof installation tips

How To install Flat Roofs Flat roofs are illustrious features in the design of a beautiful home. Although they are appealing, removing water during periods of rain and snow may be a problem. Flat roof installation is something that can be done yourself, utilizing the...

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Roof repairs, can add up in Houston

Let us help you with your roof repair project If you are in the process of narrowing down your list of contractors for roof repair Houston, you may need some advice to make sure that you receive the services you pay for. Roofing repair  can end up becoming a large...

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Decra roofing

If you know anything about decra roofing then I’m sure that you have heard of their stone coated steel roofing solutions that have seen on more and more homes across the nation. These decra roofing systems are visually appealing and provide your home with a tiled...

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Roofing Safety, our number one priority! To best facilitate roofing safety as well as safety for all clients, their tenants, as well as anyone near any Anchor Roofing project, job, repair, maintenance, or anything considered a “roofing procedure” we have stressed the...

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