Owning a home requires maintenance and upkeep, often you are required to make small repairs and updates. On occasion, those repairs are a bit larger but are very necessary for you and your families safety. In this post you will learn what signs to look out for that may signal the need for a roof repair or replacement. Whether it is a small leak or extensive soaking that can create hazardous conditions like mold, we will outline the areas of concern for you. Anchor Roofing provides services related to roof repair for Houston TX and the surrounding area. Our team of professionals proudly provides superior service to our community.

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4 Signs That Indicate You May Need Your Roof Repaired

#1 High Energy Bills:

This is one of the major signs that you may need a full roof replacement. When your home has the optimal roof for it’s size, dimensions and type, it should work so well that it ensures that your energy bills are reasonable. When a roof is not properly installed or sized correctly, energy bills in both the summer and winter months appears to skyrocket as pockets of energy seep out of the home and cool or hot air seeps in. The latter is a critical reason why your energy bills seem to spike during these high energy seasons.

#2 Missing or Warped Shingles:

If you have noticed that your shingles are missing or warped and whether they buckle or curl, or simply seem off to your eye, it’s time to get your roof checked out. Additionally, if you notice any awkward sloping, or the shingles seem out of place, it may mean that your shingles have reached their life expectancy. To ensure that you are not facing a defective or aging roof, you need an experienced roof repair professional to inspect your roof and repair or replace your roof for maximum home safety. For reliable roof repair in Houston, you can count on Anchor Roofing for reliable roof replacement.

#3 Defective Roof Slates/Flashing

An area commonly overlooked is the chimney. Where a roof is concerned is the metal roof flashing meant to protect the edges of the roof, and slating. Both are of the utmost importance. It is critical to make sure that all of the roof slates are in good condition however, leaks from worn, broken, cracked, loose or missing slates and or worn, lifted, broken, missing or warped flashing in the immediate areas surrounding the chimney are another underlying culprit in air waste and leaking. Many service providers “repair†these conditions with “patching†but that is a short-term, temporary fix that will ultimately end up costing you more. It is best to have slating or roof flashing professionally repaired and or replaced where necessary to ensure safety and energy efficiency.

#4 Leaky Gutters

If you notice leaking in your gutters, that’s a sign that they are not functioning properly. Leaky gutters may cause extensive roof damage that can result in hazardous mold or even rot your homes wood. Any sort of water that settles around the foundation may even cause cracking which can lead to expensive repairs if not caught in time.

Aging Roofs

No matter what variety of roof your home possesses, common sense indicators like age are an automatic sign that at a minimum, you should have your roof inspected for wears and tears. If you can’t find the original paperwork or do not know the age of your roof, consider that a roof with a decade old roof should be inspected. A roof’s lifespan can be anywhere up to twenty years, however, that all depends of your roof installation type, sloping and other factors that a specialist should review for you to ensure the overall soundness of your home.

Summing Up:

The latter list are among some of the important indicators to make note of as you secure your home and family. If you should experience or see any of the indicators, it’s time to get in touch with a houston roof repair services who can better assist you and walk you through the various options for roof repair and replacement. Secure your roof today and have peace of mind. Contact us for help.


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