Roof Inspection

Roof Inspection in Houston

Anchor Roofing is a leading provider of roof inspection services in Houston. We offer comprehensive inspections to identify any existing or potential problems with your roof that can put your home at risk. Our professionals are highly experienced and certified to give accurate reports for both residential and commercial properties. Our roofing inspection includes the following:

– Checking for hail, wind, storm, fire, and animal damage

– Examining age of shingles and other materials

– Identifying leaks/water penetration

– Assessing structural integrity

– Verifying ventilation system operation

– Ensuring proper insulation levels

– Determining general wear & tear

What You Can Expect

The damage from a storm can be extensive and even ruin your house. Therefore, you want to make sure that you use an accredited company for any work needing done.  In addition, it’s best not wait until the next time something like this happens! We at Anchor Roofing know how important storms are in our lives.  Our team is ready to provide inspections as soon as a storm has happened.

Interior Roof Inspection

An interior roof inspection is an examination of the interior of the roof structure and its associated components. The purpose of this inspection is to identify any current or potential problems.  In addition, to provide a recommendation for repair or replacement. During an interior inspection, the inspector will look for signs of aging, leaks, mold, and moisture. If any of these issues are found, the inspector will provide a recommendation for repair or replacement. In some cases, the inspector may also recommend that the interior of the roof be cleaned in order to prevent further damage.

Exterior Roof Inspection

An exterior roof inspection is a visual assessment of the exterior components of the roof system. The inspector will look for signs of roofing material failures such as missing shingles, leaks, damaged flashing, cracked caulk, etc. In addition, the exterior roof inspection will identify any potential problems that could lead to future roofing material failures. If the exterior inspection reveals any potential issues, the inspector may recommend further investigation by a qualified roofing contractor. The purpose of an exterior inspection is to identify any potential problems.  Therefore, they can be repaired before they cause significant damage to the roof system.

Roofing Repair Estimates

A roof repair estimate is given by a roofing inspector once they have completed their inspection. The estimate will include the cost of the roof repair and what needs to be done in order to fix it. The roof inspector will factor in the type of roof, the severity of the damage, and the size of the roof when coming up with the estimate. Once the homeowner agrees to accept the estimate, the roofing contractor will begin repairs.

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